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About Me


My name is Fernanda Dos Santos and I come from Argentina. I am a big lover of creative pastery design. I lived 10 years in Spain in a nice place called Almería and now I am living in one of the most beautiful city which Prague is.

Welcome to my world of sweet creative pastery and cake design and typical products fom Argentina. Here you can find a big variety of Spanish and Argentinian products, even of the large distance.

I have attended courses of sweet creative art design where I improved my work to be able to realize my big life dream – to have my own pastery and sweet mark – „Sweet Fer“ – because I am convinced that everything is possible with pacient, love and passion.

Now come the moment to introduce my work to all lovers of sweet in Prague and bring them happy moments – to all of you I will give sweetness of my creations and also I will share with you great moments via my blog.