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Creative Cakes

Making a personalized cake takes a long process and doing it all in one afternoon is impossible, because the whole structure, fillings and biscuits, need a time of rest to improve the

texture, the flavors, the colors.

The figures modeled in fondant are preferable to make them at least a day in advance.

We make a variety of 2D or 3D cakes, we have a variety of flavors that can be combined according to your preferences.

For one-tier cakes, it is only possible to choose a sponge cake flavor and a filling flavor.

For cakes of two or more levels, for each level it will be possible to choose two or more flavors of sponge cake and filling.

Our prices are calculated according to the amount of portions and design of the cake.

Simple Basic Cakes

  • Vanilla.

  • Chocolate.

  • Orange Lemon.

  • Vanilla with Chocolate chips.

Special cakes (extra charge 20%)

  • Red Velvet.

  • Carrots.

  • Others.

Simple Fillings

  • Buttercream vanilla, orange, strawberry, lemon, chocolate, coffee.

  • Chantilly cream, Chantilly  chocolate.

  • Chantilly soft cream with fresh fruits (Low in sugar).

  • Caramel cream with oreo cookies.

  • Cream cheese type philadelphia with red fruit jam.

  • Nutela cream.

    Special Fillers (Extra 20%)

    • Pastry cream, with seasonal fruits.

    • Meringue cream.

    • Mashmellou cream.